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Program "Battery Testing" (Test Round 2019) - CLOSED

For the program "Battery Testing ("BT") - Test Round 2019" the general routine procedure is described by the standard "Explosive atmospheres - Part 11: Equipment protection by intrinsic safety "i"" - IEC 60079-11 Edition 6.

The constantly advancing digitalization and networking of processes and applications in the field of explosion protection is leading to new challenges regarding mobility. As a result, the number of batteries and cells that supply energy for mobile devices is also rising significantly. These batteries and cells are often used in devices of the type of protection "intrinsic safety" and must be tested in accordance with the standard mentioned above. Essential characteristics for testing and assessing explosion protection are the maximum surface temperature and the internal resistance of batteries and cells. Therefore, the maximum surface temperature and the internal resistance have been selected as the measurands / characteristics of interest which are to be compared in the program "Battery Testing - Test Round 2019".

The test sample is a long-lasting primary cell with type IEC LR6. Based on the one-way test for each battery, 13 samples for each phase (a total of 26 samples for Phase I and Phase II) will be provided by the coordinator at the beginning of the program. To ensure comparability and homogeneity, a sufficient number of samples is tested by the coordinator regarding statistical requirements to estimate the characteristics of the whole population.

Time required for the performance of the program will be approximately 3 working days.

You can find all detailed information, descriptions and data for the performance of the program in the download area below.


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