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Program "Electrostatic Charge" - CLOSED

For the program “Electrostatic Charge EC” the general routine procedure is described by the standard “Explosive atmospheres – Part 0: Equipment – General requirements” - IEC 60079-0 Edition 6. Furthermore the upcoming standard “Explosive atmospheres – Part 32-2: Electrostatics hazards - Tests” - IEC 60079-32-2 deals with the subject of electrostatics. An essential characteristic for the testing and assessment of the explosion protection is the surface resistance test of parts of enclosures of non-metallic materials (clause 26.13 in IEC 60079-0 and clause 4.2 in IEC 60079-32-2). Another important test for the evaluation of the electrostatic properties is the test for transferred charge described by the standard IEC 60079-32-2, clause 4.11. Both tests respectively both measurands of interest are of decisive importance for the design and construction of “d” products. This is why the surface resistance and the transferred charge have been selected as the measurands of interest which are to be compared in the program “Electrostatic Charge”.

The surface resistance is measured for the seven material samples of the Test Sample “EC” according to IEC 60079-0 and IEC 60079-32-2. Additionally the maximum charge transferred by a discharge is measured for two of the material samples of the Test Sample “EC” according to IEC 60079-32-2.

You can find all detailed information, descriptions and data for the performance of the program in the download area below.