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Test Round 2015
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Program "Intrinsic Safety" - CLOSED

For the program “Intrinsic Safety IS” the general routine procedure is described by the standard “Explosive atmospheres - Part 11: Equipment protection by intrinsic safety "i" “-IEC 60079-11:2011 Edition 6. Intrinsic safety is a protection technique being designed to limit the electrical energy of a circuit, that no spark or thermal effect is capable of igniting an explosive atmosphere. Within the process industry and its numerous measurement and control applications, the type of protection "Intrinsic safety" plays a fundamental role in the field of explosion protection.

During the program "Intrinsic Safety - Test Round 2015" an assessment of Intrinsic Safety has to be performed based on a safety barrier [Ex ia Ga] IIC. Safety barriers are used in a broad application area to separarate intrinsically safe (Ex i) circuits from non-intrinsically safe circuits. The barriers limit the power supply (electrical power/energy) towards the hazardous area.

The assessment for program “Intrinsic Safety” is intended to be conducted via documentation only (approval document, drawings, datasheets, etc.) according to IEC-60079-0:2011 Edition 6 and IEC 60079-11:2011 Edition 6. No practical test or measurements shall be necessary. However, the participants will receive an accurate copy from industry of a safety barrier as a presentation object. During their assessment the participants shall uncover inconsistencies, where the requirements of the standards are not fulfilled.

You can find all detailed information, descriptions and data for the performance of the program in the download area below.