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Test Round 2017

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Program "Pressurized Enclosure" (Test Round 2017) - CLOSED

For the program “Pressurized Enclosure- Test Round 2017” (“PE”) the general routine procedure is described by the standard “Explosive atmospheres – Part 2: Equipment protection by pressurized enclosure “p” ” - IEC 60079-2 Edition 6. This type of ignition protection prevents the formation of explosive atmosphere inside an enclosure by maintaining an internal overpressure against the surrounding atmosphere. This can be achieved by means of an ignition protective gas and, if necessary, supplying the interior of the housing with ignition protection gas in such a way that the dilution of combustible mixtures is reached. The measurement of dilution and determination of gas concentration is therefore an important aspect of testing pressurized enclosures and thus the quantity to be compared for the program “PE”.

The test sample is a 600 x 400 x 300 mm enclosure. It contains components with different geometries that shall represent the setup of “p” enclosures. It shall be therefore not considered as a simple geometry. The test sample “PE” has an inlet and outlet for the gas flow. A few measuring points will be predefined by the coordinator. Additionally, the participant shall add own measuring points in critical areas.   
To ensure comparability and homogeneity, all Test Samples “PE” are completely selected, prepared and provided by the coordinator.

Detailed information and specifications regarding the test sample are described in the “Procedure Instruction of Program Pressurized Enclosure” which will be published at a later date.

You can find all detailed information, descriptions and data for the performance of the program in the download area below.