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Test Round 2010

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Program "Explosion Pressure" (Test Round 2010) - CLOSED

The explosion pressure (reference pressure) is an essential characteristic for the testing and assessment of the safety in the field of explosion protection. It is of decisive importance for the constructional design of the products and, thus, for their competitiveness. This is why the explosion pressure (reference pressure) has been selected as the quantity to be compared in this program.

The general routine procedure is described by the standard of the type of protection flameproof enclosures "d" - IEC 60079-1. Additionally, detailed guidance will be provided how to perform the tests.

For the determination of the explosion pressure (reference pressure), the coordinator will provide each participant with a Test Sample "EP", composed of a smaller chamber and a larger chamber as well as an orifice. The simple design guarantees homogeneity and stability during the whole program. In addition, the selected design of the test sample offers convenient manufacturing, preparation and transport possibilities.

To ensure the comparability, all Test Samples "EP" are prepared in advance by PTB, which ensures a uniform position of the test borings.

The explosion pressure is determined for the single chambers as well as for the combinations of the chambers with the orifice and for two gas mixtures selected in accordance with IEC 60079-1.

On the basis of four configurations of the Test Sample "EP" and of two different gas mixtures and five ignitions each, a total of 40 explosion tests - including the pressure measurements - must be performed by each participant for the realization of program "Explosion Pressure". The workload to perform this program is approximately 4 working days.

You can find all detailed information, descriptions and data for the performance of the program in the download area below.