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Shortened PTB Ex PT Workshops 2020 in China at NEPSI

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Wednesday, 11th of November 2020 to Thursday, 12th of November 2020

Due to the current difficult situation regarding COVID-19 the originally planned schedule was changed. Unfortunately, the PTB experts will not be able to be on site, but will be connected via web conference. The presentations will be recorded accordingly. All details of the schedule and organization can be found under the following link:

Additional information:

The workshops are a shortened version of the official PT Workshops 2020/2021 at PTB from 25th January to 28th January 2021. This project aims to handle the very high demand of participants and to provide an easier travel for interested people especially from the Asia/Australian region.

The workshops are an essential element of the PTB Ex PT Programs “Tests of Enclosures - Test Round 2019” and “Battery Testing - Test Round 2019” operated by PTB in 2019 and 2020 and are especially addressed to the laboratory technicians in order to start an experience exchange for further alignment of procedures and technologies, by the opportunity to meet face to face. The workshops will contribute for further harmonization of views and finally for harmonization of test methodology.


Tulip Hall
Golden Tulip Shanghai Rainbow 
2000, Yan An Road (W), Shanghai, 200051, P. R. of China

For registration please use the following link: Registration

Due to limited capacities, only a maximum of 4 people can register per test laboratory. 

Furthermore, the registration is initially limited to the participants of the PTB Ex PT Programs “Tests of Enclosures - Test Round 2019” and “Battery Testing - Test Round 2019”. Possible remaining capacities will be made available to other interested parties at a second registration phase. 

To cover administrative costs for the organization of the workshops and to cover the costs for the offered free lunch and dinner, each workshop “TE” and “BT” will be charged with EUR 150 (excluding VAT).

For reservation in the hotel, please send the Reservation Form to Golden Tulip Shanghai Rainbow by fax or E-mail. 
2000 Yan An Road, W. Shanghai 200051, China
Tel: (86-21)62753388*3251
Fax: (86-21)62757244

Please make the reservation before March 25th, 2019. After March 25th, we will not be guaranteed to be available.

Any enquiry for the PT Workshop in Shanghai, please contact:
Lucy LU
Tel: 0086 18601772625 

Location Map of Golden Tulip Shanghai Rainbow: