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Information regarding the Invoice for the program(s) "Tests of Enclosures - Test Round 2019" and /or "Battery testing - Test Round 2019"

Dear colleagues,

All invoices for the registered program(s) for the period 2019/2020 of the PTB Ex Proficiency Testing Scheme were sent out. Please find your invoice in your email box. The last payment date for the invoice is

15th of May, 2019.

After receipt of payment you will receive a “Confirmation of payment” from the coordinator. At the same time you will be listed as an official participant in the respective programs (Participants list on In accordance to our time schedule we are still in the phase of test sample preparation. We will start to send out the test samples approximately in June 2019. We will provide you with all necessary documents and information for the performance of the tests soon.

If you still have not received your invoice, please contact us immediately.

Kind regards,

Your Proficiency Testing Team