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PTB Ex PTS - Status update - New website - Documentation uploaded - Test samples ready for shipment

Dear participants,

I am pleased to inform you about some news regarding the PTB Ex Proficiency Testing Scheme and the current programs:

New PTB Ex PTS Website: Our website has been updated both in the front-end regarding design and layout and in the back-end regarding infrastructure and data security. The whole migration process was extensively tested and accompanied by our IT experts. Should you nevertheless notice any errors or discrepancies, we would be pleased to receive a short feedback in order to solve the problem as soon as possible. You can find the website here:

Documentation uploaded: The complete documentation necessary for the performance of the new programs (cycle 2019/2020) "Tests of Enclosures" and "Battery Testing" were uploaded. They can be found in the download area of the respective program. If you have any questions regarding the implementation or other topics regarding the programs, please contact us directly.

Test samples ready for shipment: The test samples of those participants who have completely registered are ready for shipment in our shipping department. Depending on the destination country/customs clearance/forwarding agent, the test samples should arrive within the next 2-3 weeks. Each participant will be contacted directly as soon as the delivery has left PTB to inform you about the shipping number. In this context I would like to point out our delivery conditions already indicated in the "Declaration of participation":  
PTB will bear the cost for the shipment of the test samples to the participants (CPT airport). The participants shall take on the responsibility for the costs for all the processes that are involved with the shipment to and from the participant including organisation and coordination of the pre- and on-carriage as well as customs clearance.
The test samples do not have to be returned for these programmes.
As there have been massive difficulties with the customs clearance of various destination countries recently, I would like to ask you to contact us as soon as you have received the test samples. We need this information for our database and to avoid loss and possible unnecessary customs penalties.

After you have received the test samples, you can start directly with the performance of the programs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Kind regards

Your Proficiency Testing Team