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Roll-out of the new PT programs "Tests of Enclosures & Battery Testing - Test Round 2019"

Dear colleagues,

We are glad to inform you about the roll-out of our two new programs "Tests of Enclosures (TE) & Battery Testing (BT) - Test Round 2019" of the PTB Ex Proficiency Testing Scheme. Please find attached the roll-out paper with all necessary information for participation. Our policy for the scheme is to keep everything as simple as possible, but achieving consistent, reliable and valuable results.

The team would be very happy to welcome IECEx ExTLs, IECEx ExTL Applicants, IECEx Additional Testing Facilities (ATFs), ATEX Notified Bodies and other Ex laboratories which meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.  Each contribution is highly appreciated to collect experience for the programs and for the continuous improvement process of the whole scheme.

Please notice that during the IECEx meeting in The Hague in September 2014 it was decided, that all accepted and applicant IECEx ExTLs and their associated laboratories (ATFs) are obligated to participate in a Proficiency Testing Program specifically designed for Ex safety protection methods.

The interested laboratories will confirm their participation by completing the respective form enclosed as Annex B in the roll-out paper (provided in the download section of the programs) and send it back to PTB in accordance with the schedule before 2019-04-15.

The coordinator will confirm the receipt of the declaration of participation accordingly. The invoices will be sent out after registration of the laboratories. Payment will be confirmed together with the “Confirmation of Participation”. The programs are considered as two separate programs, so it is possible to participate in both programs or in just one of them.

You can find general information about the scheme and the programs here on our updated website.

All detailed information, specific descriptions and data for the performance of the new programs 2019/2020 will be uploaded on the website soon.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for further information. All team members are prepared to serve you as best as possible.

Kind  regards

Your Ex Proficiency Testing Team