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PTB Ex PTS - Postponement of deadline to submit results for phase II of the programs "FJ" and "SCT" - Test Round 2021

Dear participants,
we have extended the deadline to submit results for phase II for another two weeks. The new deadline is the 14th of September 2022. Reasons are the low rate of phase II results and requests from participants.
Please note that a further extension of the deadline is not possible due to further tasks of the provider regarding the PT scheme.
If you, as a participant, had an action-signal in phase I and do not correct it by the specified time, it will remain in the final report and the measures from IECEx OD 202, cl. 15 will take effect. For program "FJ" this is also true for an action*-signal.
If you as a participant have not uploaded results in phase I and do not do so for phase II, you will no longer be listed as a participant of the programs.

If you need help reaching this deadline, or have any other concerns, please contact us.
Best regards,